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Re^4: Markup::Perl Review / Demo (Basic CGI Shell)

by usemodperl (Beadle)
on Jul 05, 2018 at 17:23 UTC ( #1217968=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Markup::Perl Review / Demo (Basic CGI Shell)
in thread Markup::Perl Review / Demo (Basic CGI Shell)

Thanks for reminding us of the Alternatives™ again marto! As I said there are TIMTOWTDI ways to embed perl in html. Why discourage people from having fun with CPAN modules? These things work well enough for our purposes and are fun and productive. Please let us have fun marty!

Lots of stuff written with a module like this stays local anyway. I have tons of useful utilities written with the many methods of cpan in a cgi folder to summon from a browser bookmark list. Significant new os functionality can be cooked up in minutes with a sweet html interface with something like Markup::Perl. Quite a bit can be achieved by dropping the synopsis from some cool module into the <perl> block of the template provided in the pod of the program this node is supposed to be about. Once one likes that kind of home brew ease of use one may want a textarea to paste code samples into; then one might want a pod reader that automatically inserts any listed code into a textarea you can edit and click to try functions of installed modules from inside the documentation. Anyway you'll see more in my next Markup::Perl demo!

If it's a concern keep <perl> blocks large so refactoring doesn't waste code. 👍

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Re^5: Markup::Perl Review / Demo (Basic CGI Shell)
by marto (Cardinal) on Jul 05, 2018 at 18:39 UTC

    I'm in no way trying to stop people having fun doing whatever they please, simply, once again correcting the claims you make which are wrong.

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