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Perlmonks are so... excellent. Thank you (Your Mother & liz) for exposing my ignorance gently. I didn't know we could timtowdi old syntax. How far does it go? I've done some reading but not that Perl 5 code can be dropped into Perl 6.

> sigilless variables (yes, Perl 6 haz them)!

Is that good? I thought barewords were bad practice. It's been pounded into our heads not to use the old global open FILE convention so now we write open my $file. I realize the implementation is problematic but the original logic of uppercase bare filehandles seems sound considering their relation to STDIN and friends. Is Perl6 going back to the future?

> There is nothing at all stopping Perl 5 from success today except a lack of applications;

That could change overnight. There's an absurd amount of raw power in the Perl ecosystem. What if we decided to deploy as much functionality of CPAN as possible into something like I'm sure it would rock.

> and general inability to compile or deploy directly to mobile.

Why is that? Does TPF need to fund a grant? How hard is it? +h-or-ipad/

> If no one had stepped up

Perl 5 has evolved very nicely thanks to its modular architecture.

> the game and its rules

This place has the best referees :-)

Perl 5 will not go away. Perl 6 won't go away either. They are both the result of a Perl mindset.

I guess it doesn't matter, sorry for the rant