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I had my response to the topic right from the start. But wanted to read the others here before my reply. So as not to simply parrot anyone. Now at the end of the list. I (not surprisingly) see YM's ties in quite nicely. So I'll reply here. :-)

Definitely choose Perl, and learn it well. Especially if it's a language you like. If you've learned Perl; C, and JavaScript are already in the passenger seat. So you're effectively (reasonably) comfortable in 2 additional languages.

You can use Perl(tm) as a solution to almost any problem. The same cannot be said of most other languages. Granted, Perl may not be the most efficient solution. But businesses are always looking for solutions, and if you have a solution, you have a job. Well, you're at least that much closer to having a job. :-)

Again, if you like writing, and working in Perl. You should really try to learn it well. Who doesn't want job doing something they love?

I'd rather make less money doing something I love, than making more money, doing something I hate -- which is not to say you'll make less money working in Perl. In fact if you know it well, quite the opposite is probable.

Perl adds value. Learn it. :-)

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