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I recently got a request to use carp/croak instead of warn/die in a module of mine. Since I'm going to be releasing a new version soon, now's a good time to address that request. I've sometimes used Carp, but in general found that I didn't really need the more extensive output, so I've tended to stick to warn/die . However, I'm not opposed to doing so if it is generally considered a best practice.

Unfortunately, a google/perlmonks search didn't turn up an answer. A quick glance at some of the modules distributed in core showed that some use Carp, some don't so that didn't provide a definitive answer either.

So I'll turn to you. Is it generally considered a best practice to use Carp (or conversely, is it a best practice NOT to use Carp in most cases)? Is this written down anywhere (obviously I didn't find it, but if I overlooked something, I'd like to be educated about that).