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Thanks for the quick reply. If by spacer you mean Frame, then your suggestion is reassuring in that I can use it with a simple test program:

use warnings; use strict; use Tk 800.000; my $mw = MainWindow->new; my $menu = $mw->Menu(); my $file_menu = $menu->cascade(-label => 'File', -tearoff => 'false'); my $edit_menu = $menu->cascade(-label => 'Edit', -tearoff => 'false'); my $help_menu = $menu->cascade(-label => 'Help', -tearoff => 'false'); $mw->configure(-menu => $menu); my $spacer = $mw->Frame(-width => 200)->pack; # resize handle obscures Help menu $mw->resizable(0,0); MainLoop;

I'm now inclined to think I didn't get this to work earlier because there's something else in the program that prevents a packed spacer from working as expected. I know the menu's window is being resized programmatically (so that it is stretched horizontally across the screen); I will have to keep digging to figure this out. I am not the program's original author, and am still figuring out my way around both it and Perl and Tk.