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I am referring to TK::Listbox I have a Listbox:
$frames{"Account.List"} = $mw->Scrolled( "Listbox", -bg => $config{'background'}, -fg => '#FFFFFF', -font => [$config{'font'},$config{'fontsize'},'normal'], -relief => 'raised', -scrollbars => 'e', -cursor => 'left_ptr', );
And bounded <Double-1>:
$frames{"Account.List"}->bind( '<Double-1>', $frames{'Account.List'}->itemconfigure($frames{"Account.List"}->cu +rselection(), -foreground=> "#FF0000", );
Here is the question: How do I retrieve the foreground value #FF0000? Docs says to use itemconfigure without value: $frames{'Account.List'}->itemcget($frames{"Account.List"}->curselection(), "-foreground") but that does not work. I am stuck! My ultimate task for that is to: 1st. flip-flop the color of the text. 2nd: flip-flop the font from normal to bold. How? Thanks!