in reply to Why does it seem as though Perl has the only community of friendly, non patronizing or demeaning, programmers? What is with every one else?

I assume you're contrasting Perl programmers to the tendency in some circles for other-language programmers to take an attitude of "my preferred language is the best and all other languages suck". In my experience, Perl enthusiasts seem to be some of the biggest programming-language-polyglots around and, when you use several different languages, you're vastly less likely to say "every language except this one sucks".

Plus, of course, there's the whole TIMTOWTDI thing. If you embrace the idea that there are many ways to do things within Perl, then it's easier to also see that Perl itself is but one way to do things in a sea of other languages.

Or maybe it's just that there are so many people insisting "Perl is a write-only language", "Perl is dead", etc. that we started trying extra-hard to show the world that Perl really isn't that bad...