in reply to Why does it seem as though Perl has the only community of friendly, non patronizing or demeaning, programmers? What is with every one else?

I think that the answer is in the profession of Perl programmers, which often are NOT the profession of programmer itself. People of different professions uses Perl for their needs, many of those are system administrators and scientists, not the professional programmers. And if it is a professional programmer, then usually he works on some old project, surrounded by mature colleagues.

As a result, people who uses Perl usually free of programmers' snobbery (which i think is a phenomenon of the new IT culture, based on a fast success and all of this new-age-capitalistic-agile-scrum-sweatshop-shit), because they are not the professional programmers, or they are programmers, but the old ones, with more fundamental education and deep engineering culture. Young professionals often uses their knowledge to dominate in their work area, and now we see that modern capitalism form programming groups (developing in non-Perl languages) for faster developing, and young (non-Perl) programmers does not grow in a traditional engineering groups where mature colleagues can sometimes reason their young padawan to behave, but more in homo homini lupus est environment.

And because of this Perl programmers usually more friendly, because their path is a journey of knowledge, and programming is a way to reveal answer, and not the way of intellectual dominating (which in my opinion is a refute of intellect itself and more in the nature of younger (non-cultured) than older people of all professions).