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Hi, for the mongodb driver, it seems i have to use the qr// format of regular expressions. from the documentation, :
Use qr/.../ to use a regular expression in a query ..... my $cursor = $collection->query({"name" => qr/[Jj]oh?n/});
The problem is that i have to create the query by reading existing mongo regex strings, e.g.
{"name" => '/.*uba$/i'}
i tried changing this through basic string manipulation to prepend the qr :
{"name" => 'qr/.*uba$/i'}
but i think it's just treating that as a string for full matching instead of applying it is a regex. it's certainly not working.

i also tried (after prepending the qr) passing it to a function and creating a qr object:
if(index($_[0],"qr/") >= 0){ $_[0] =~s/qr(.*?)(i?)$/$1/s; print $fh Dumper($_[0]); if($2=='i'){ my $re = qr/$_[0]/i; }else{ my $re = qr/$_[0]/; } $_[0] =$re; print $fh Dumper($_[0]); }
but that outputs:
$VAR1 = '/.*uba$/'; $VAR1 = undef;
I'm very new to perl, so it's very possible that i'm missing something obvious. any ideas?