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Re^19: Who is your favorite scientist and why?

by Arunbear (Prior)
on Dec 19, 2017 at 19:14 UTC ( #1205862=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^18: Who is your favorite scientist and why?
in thread Who is your favorite scientist and why?

understand what? a quote? his opinion? your opinion? what are the facts you/they are basing this opinion from? you have not provided me with any actual facts other than quotes.
There are many facts in the article containing the quote. I even gave you a link, but you seem to be too lazy to read it.
and if not responded to with requested data i will not continue this conversation any further.
Given the poor quality of your discourse so far, that would be a great kindness on your part :)
dont attack my beliefs.
Red herring. I don't really care about your beliefs. Believe whatever you want to believe. I care about your reasoning, your evidence, or rather lack of evidence in this case.
i want YOU to tell ME some FACTS/EVIDENCE that support YOUR CLAIMS that there is NO CREATOR.
Yet another red herring. I made no such claims. I only raised doubts about your claims that there is a creator.

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