in reply to College suggestions for possible programming career

Thanks for all the feedback! If you guys don't mind, I'd like to seek your advice for preparation for college... but first, a little background.

I graduated high school in May of this year. I kept a perfect 4.0 through high school. I decided to stay out of college the first year because I was extremely uncertain what I would want to take and figured I had better save up. I've been learning quite a bit about perl during that time too... When I took the SATs, I got a relatively high score (1300), but it was a bit unbalanced... my Verbal scores were WAY above my math scores (730/570). I never took beyond Algebra II in H.S., so that is likely why. However, I'm wondering if that will hurt my chances at getting into the college of my choice, since I intend to go into computer science/programming. Also, finances are a big issue for me. Because I wasn't going directly into college after high school, I didn't get any scholarships. I assume you guys get the idea.

Sooo... what would you guys suggest I do to best prepare BEFORE going to college to study computer science/programming? I'd appreciate all the advice I can get at this point! Thanks.


P.S. Arashi, I'm checking out those links you sent and they are proving very interesting.