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Further to ++soonix's good questions: Are you in the 64-bit cmd.exe on both machines? You can check Task Manager, which shows cmd.exe *32 for the 32-bit cmd.exe, and just cmd.exe for the 64-bit version. Inside cmd.exe, you can also check (see here for details): run set, and look at especially the PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE and PROCESSOR_ARCHITEW6432: the first should be AMD64 or similar in a 64-bit cmd.exe, and x86 in a 32-bit cmd.exe; the second is only defined in 32-bit cmd.exe, and should be AMD64.

How this will help fix the problem, I am not sure... but it might point to where the difference lies.

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Re^8: DBD::ODBC install can't find boot_DBI
by DanEllison (Beadle) on Oct 11, 2017 at 18:32 UTC
    Verified in Task Manager, both are running 64bit cmd.exe. In fact, on both machines, the cmd.exe Is started in the same way. Our desktop support folks use MKS Toolkit. So, I have a perl script which chops MKS Toolkit out of the path, reorders Strawberry to the front, and sets up a few other environment variables before starting the cmd.exe.