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Went to see it at my brother's in Oregon. All the web sites said you have to actually see it in totality: 99% is not enough. Boy were they right! It is the most spectacular sight I have ever seen, with such incredible contrast. The stars and planets were visible. But the ring... I saw the shadow cover first the mountain furthest, then a closer one. Then I heard the people a quarter mile away shouting. Sure enough, there it was. Very emotional sight. I wish it could have lasted longer. Can't wait to see the next one.

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by Ratazong (Monsignor) on Sep 02, 2017 at 08:16 UTC

    I totally agree to this, and still remember the eclipse in 1999. We went to a small lake outside Munich that day, away from the city. The thing that most impressed me were the birds suddenly stopping to sing. And the drop in temperature.

    Great that you were able to see this one! For me there was unfortunately too much rock in between ...


      "...the birds suddenly stopping to sing..."

      He! I just wanted to post something similar. This phenomenon is really impressive. And a bit frightening.

      Best regards, Karl

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        The frightening part is probably why our ancient ancestors went a little crazy with the religion and human sacrifice around such things. :-/

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      Same for me. Too much rock in the way this time.

      But I also vividly remember the eclipse of 1999. I did not get to hear the birds stop singing, since I observed the eclipse from the crossroad down my office, about a quarter-mile away from the Eiffel Tower in downtown Paris, so not so many birds around (except pigeons, but they don't sing that much). But I noticed all of my colleagues (and myself) stopped working for about 90 minutes, if I remember the timing right. ;-)

      the birds suddenly stopping to sing



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