in reply to Inserting to a bigint data type in Sybase using prepare statements

I have nothing but trouble using Sybase's 'extended' datatypes (bigint is not a 'standard' datatype for Sybase, and e.g., I run into trouble when someone accidentally defines a column as 'date' instead of 'datetime'...we also use Oracle where 'date' is normal).

I'd redefine the column as 'decimal', it has up to 38 digits of precision (so 'decimal(38,0)' for max integer precision), and you won't need all the { TYPE => ... } declarations with the separate bind_param's, you can just bind on the execute() statement.

And, the trouble happens not only in perl, but also in Sybase's 'bcp' utility, which to me is a sign that you should not use these datatypes.