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You did not make it even a little bit clear, because you did not answer the question posed. Who is "it"? I think it will help you solve this problem if you figure out where the string "abc;234" is losing its second half. Hint: add

print $Where . "\n";

immediately after you create the string.

Better still, look into using placeholders; they simplify things like quoting a great deal. Here's a simple example:

my $stmt = <<'GPO'; select id_num id from reference where first_name = ? and shoe_size = ? GPO my $name = 'Howard'; my $shoe = 9; my $results_ref = $dbhandle->selectrow_hashref($stmt, undef, $name, $s +hoe); print $results_ref->{id};

first_name is a string field, shoe_size is numeric, but the syntax for me is the same.

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