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You are not using strict and warnings.

You have loaded HMTL::Parser instead of HTML::Parser but then you do not try to use it.

You are trying to search an undefined variable $text.

You are trying to use captured values but have not any capture groups.

(May not be a problem in your real code but) you are defining a different variable in each part of the if/elsif blocks.

The pattern you are using to match the numbers is a bit odd. Take a look at Regexp::Common.

You are trying to use regular expressions to search for slashes without changing the "/" delimiters. Regexp quote-like operators.

# partial snippet use strict; use warnings; use Regexp::Common; # ... while( chomp(my $text = <$f1>) ) { my ($one, $two, $three); # Also these variable names are not very de +scriptive. if ($text =~ m!Employee\sA</th><th>($RE{num}{real})<!) { $one = $1; } # ...