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The actual strings are quite a mess. I just wanted to know whether there's some issue with \b in Unicode. If you insist, then $string is something like

8^1589-20170113-102647-ויחי-דב&#15 +12;י_הספד_על_הר +ב_משה_שפירא.mp3 +^עברית^הרב מ&#1 +504;שה גולד^ויח +י-דברי הספד &#1 +506;ל הרב משה ש&#1508 +;ירא, טו' טבת, &#1514 +;שע'ז^שיעורי&#1 +501; בתנ"ך ובפר&#1513 +;ת השבוע|שיע&#1 +493;רים בפרשת ה +שבוע|שיעור&#149 +7;ם קודמים|בר&# +1488;שית|ויחי

and $_ is just


(it's hebrew, and I'm afraid your broweser might mess up the right-to-left presentation, or even just show the Unicode numbers instead of the characters themselves. My browser makes a mess here. That's why I didn't think posting the strings would help).