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Re: How You (Yes You!) Can Get Involved

by Elliott (Pilgrim)
on Oct 11, 2001 at 05:41 UTC ( #118147=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How You (Yes You!) Can Get Involved

Write a few tests that prove it works.

Nice idea. But it can't be done. Sadly, the best you can do is fail to find the bugs.

I've got a big collection of testing quotes somewhere if anyone's interested. (Once upon a time I was managing editor of Software Quality Management and testing was my speciality.)
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Re: Re: How You (Yes You!) Can Get Involved
by chromatic (Archbishop) on Oct 11, 2001 at 07:25 UTC
    Hopefully one of those quotes is something like, "I'd rather have some tests that prove that some things work in some configurations than no tests, just guesses that everything works." :)

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