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> Adding a second node adds complexity

Yes, and complexity means it's harder to hack you.

> storing the key in clear text in the database

I'd store it encrypted with the passphrase.

> they cannot be re-encrypted

What do you mean?

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; $Data::Dumper::Useqq = 1; # In reality, use a better algorithm, add salt, etc. sub encrypt { my ($password, $passphrase) = @_; my $long_passphrase = $passphrase; $long_passphrase .= $passphrase until length($password) < length $long_passphrase; substr $long_passphrase, -1, 1, q() until length($password) == length $long_passphrase; return $password ^ $long_passphrase } *decrypt = *encrypt{CODE}; # This comes from the users. my %real_passwords = ( john => 'pas$$w0rd', jane => 'bailey2012', ); # This comes from the admin. my $passphrase = 'Perl FTW!'; # This gets saved in the DB. my %stored_passwords = map { $_ => encrypt($real_passwords{$_}, $passphrase) } keys %real_passwords; print Dumper \%stored_passwords; # When changing the passphrase, just update the passwords: my $new_passphrase = 'Invalidate all passwords!'; $_ = encrypt(decrypt($_, $passphrase), $new_passphrase) for values %stored_passwords; print Dumper \%stored_passwords; # We can now retrieve the passwords using the new passphrase. print Dumper +{ map { $_ => decrypt($stored_passwords{$_}, $new_passphrase) } keys %stored_passwords };

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