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Hey all. Suppose the string:  . . .Perlmonks  . . .is . .the . . . .coolest .place. Notice how each dot respresents a space (I did that for clarity, so that you could visualize multiple spaces (including leading spaces) - just realize that there can be any number of space between words).

I want to take the above string and turn it into: Perlmonks_is_the_coolest_place

Basically, replacing any number of spaces between words with ONE underscore. I tried:
$str =~ s/\s+/_/ig;
but that replaces each space with an underscore. Removing the "g" modifier from the regex does (obviously) no good.

I realize that this will probably end up being a very simple solution, but I have been studying all day and my brain is fried, so please help a poor, brain-fried college student out? Thanks all!

r. j o s e p h
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