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Re^3: Report generation through formats

by duelafn (Parson)
on Oct 14, 2016 at 10:18 UTC ( #1174004=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Report generation through formats
in thread Report generation through formats

For your report, printf is plenty sufficient (See sprintf for the formatting codes). For example:

use strict; use warnings; my $APPROX_LINES_PER_PAGE = 4; my $sep = ('-'x60)."\n"; my $header = <<HEADER; ============================================================ Name Format of match matches played runs scored page %d ============================================================ HEADER my $format = "%-18s %-8s %-15s %s\n"; my $cur_pers = ''; my $page = 0; my $lines = 0; while (<DATA>){ chomp; my @elements = split /!/,$_; if (0 == $page or $lines >= $APPROX_LINES_PER_PAGE) { print $sep if $page; print "\n";# or do whatever you want to do between pages $page++; $lines = 0; $cur_pers = ''; printf $header, $page; } # check if person change if ($cur_pers and $cur_pers ne $elements[0]) { print $sep; $lines++; } $cur_pers = $elements[0]; printf $format, @elements; $lines++; } print $sep; print "\n"; __DATA__ sachin tendulkar!ODI!434!12000 sachin tendulkar!Test!246!10900 sachin tendulkar!T20!189!5000 sourav ganguly!ODI!334!8000 sourav ganguly!Test!235!5000 sourav ganguly!T20!124!1800 rahul dravid!ODI!387!9000 rahul dravid!Test!212!5980 rahul dravid!T20!43!1345

I've added some sample pagination - I'm not sure what you had in mind there, but you should be able to extend it to what you wanted.

Good Day,

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