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Re: How to remove a whole line if matches a keyword in a file.

by QuillMeantTen (Friar)
on Aug 22, 2016 at 10:42 UTC ( #1170158=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How to remove a whole line if matches a keyword in a file.

First thing first, have you tried anything? Do you have any running code that copy one file into another line by line?

The following snippet could do the trick, BUT you should understand what each line does:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict;#dont let me do silly things use warnings;#tell me if I try to do them anyway use autodie;#halt and catch fire if things dont work out my $keyword = qr/what/;#store the regex open(my $fh,'<','input_file');#open input file for reading using $fh f +ilehandle open(my $outf,'>','output_file');#open output file for writing while(<$fh>){ if($_ =~ $keyword){#if the line matches te keyword then next;#jump to next line } print $outf $_;#print current line to the output file } close $fh;#cleanly close the input file close $outf;#cleanly close the output file

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