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Re^2: using File::Find to find recently-installed modules

by Aldebaran (Curate)
on Jun 25, 2016 at 10:02 UTC ( #1166550=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: using File::Find to find recently-installed modules
in thread using File::Find to find recently-installed modules

Thanks for your response, steve, I'd been reading you in a different thread on issues in _Intermediate Perl_:

The XY direction I would like to take your response in is using timestamps to figure out this thing that I've just created:

C:\Users\Fred\Documents\alpaca>cd template_stuff C:\Users\Fred\Documents\alpaca\template_stuff>module-starter --module= +html3 --au thor="Gilligan" -email="" --verbose Created html3 Created html3\lib Created html3\lib\ Created html3\t Created html3\t\pod-coverage.t Created html3\t\00-load.t Created html3\t\pod.t Created html3\t\manifest.t Created html3\xt Created html3\xt\boilerplate.t Created html3\ignore.txt Created html3\Makefile.PL Created html3\Changes Created html3\README Added to MANIFEST: Changes Added to MANIFEST: ignore.txt Added to MANIFEST: lib/ Added to MANIFEST: Makefile.PL Added to MANIFEST: MANIFEST Added to MANIFEST: README Added to MANIFEST: t/00-load.t Added to MANIFEST: t/manifest.t Added to MANIFEST: t/pod-coverage.t Added to MANIFEST: t/pod.t Added to MANIFEST: xt/boilerplate.t Created html3\MANIFEST Created starter directories and files C:\Users\Fred\Documents\alpaca\template_stuff>


C:\Users\Fred\Documents\alpaca\template_stuff\html3>dir Volume in drive C is Windows8_OS Volume Serial Number is 3052-CD20 Directory of C:\Users\Fred\Documents\alpaca\template_stuff\html3 06/24/2016 08:30 PM <DIR> . 06/24/2016 08:30 PM <DIR> .. 06/24/2016 08:30 PM 110 Changes 06/24/2016 08:30 PM 198 ignore.txt 06/24/2016 10:41 PM <DIR> lib 06/24/2016 08:30 PM 701 Makefile.PL 06/24/2016 08:30 PM 129 MANIFEST 06/24/2016 08:30 PM 3,275 README 06/24/2016 08:30 PM <DIR> t 06/24/2016 08:30 PM <DIR> xt 5 File(s) 4,413 bytes 5 Dir(s) 50,578,202,624 bytes free C:\Users\Fred\Documents\alpaca\template_stuff\html3>cd lib C:\Users\Fred\Documents\alpaca\template_stuff\html3\lib>dir Volume in drive C is Windows8_OS Volume Serial Number is 3052-CD20 Directory of C:\Users\Fred\Documents\alpaca\template_stuff\html3\lib 06/24/2016 10:41 PM <DIR> . 06/24/2016 10:41 PM <DIR> .. 06/24/2016 08:30 PM 3,571 06/24/2016 10:41 PM 100 monks1.txt 2 File(s) 3,671 bytes 2 Dir(s) 50,578,989,056 bytes free C:\Users\Fred\Documents\alpaca\template_stuff\html3\lib>

Question Y might be: why create a distribution? I've read that book cover to cover scratching my head about that, thinking that there's a good reason for the effort. Also know that I burned the way I used to create workspaces, ergo looking for new methods.

Question Z might be: how do I get a brand new shiny version of the code I had, using this toolchain, before I screwed it up, the inevitable next time I do?

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Re^3: using File::Find to find recently-installed modules
by ablanke (Prior) on Jun 25, 2016 at 18:39 UTC
    Question Y:

    With a distibution installing is (almost) as easy as installing a CPAN module. Try to install your code on another maschine and make it runable!

    Question Z:

    Have you thought about (experience) using a Version Control System like git?

    With a Version Control System you can check when a file was added or editet.

      Haven't done github yet, but I'm learning so much by the "acting as if" I'm releasing a distribution that I won't stop. I started my main project here: . Why this file? It's what I had.

      This represents the extent of my forward progress with this material: One sees that this is a different branch, and that one would see that in the path for it to be posted on the internet is my little revelation of the last half hour. Also, I took to heart your suggestion to run this code on two different systems, and I did that today. I found the output striking. First for windows, and then for the dual boot ubuntu:

      C:\Users\Fred\Documents>perl C:/Users/Fred/Documents/coconuts/html1/lib/ access age in days: 0.1580 C:/Users/Fred/Documents/MyModule/lib/ access age in days: 2.7172 C:/Users/Fred/Documents/perl5/lib/perl5/Module/ access age in days: 0.1679 C:/Users/Fred/Documents/perl5/lib/perl5/Module/CoreList/TieHashDelta.p +m access age in days: 0.1679 C:/Users/Fred/Documents/perl5/lib/perl5/Module/CoreList/ access age in days: 0.1679
      $ perl /media/fred/Windows8_OS/Users/Fred/Documents/MyModule/lib/ access age in days: 2.7315 /media/fred/Windows8_OS/Users/Fred/Documents/perl5/lib/perl5/Module/Co access age in days: 0.1822 /media/fred/Windows8_OS/Users/Fred/Documents/perl5/lib/perl5/Module/Co +reList/ access age in days: 0.1822 /media/fred/Windows8_OS/Users/Fred/Documents/perl5/lib/perl5/Module/Co +reList/ access age in days: 0.1822 /media/fred/Windows8_OS/Users/Fred/Documents/coconuts/html1/lib/html1. +pm access age in days: 0.1723 $

      This will be no surprise to the others, but for me to see consistent data across platforms made my jaw drop.

      I'm trying to get my head around how changes get made with this toolchain, s.t. one can have as much backup as one wanted to create version numbers in branches. That's a way in which my self-replicating templates weren't working...they never could keep track of whatever rabbit they were chasing. Again, I truly appreciate people who take the time to read my posts, weigh it on their minds, and respond with perl, tips, tricks, and methods....

Re^3: using File::Find to find recently-installed modules
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 25, 2016 at 19:45 UTC
    "distributions" are the standard way to share modules, to distribute them, and they're trivial (almost zero effort) to make, so call

    you can always run module-starter again in a different directory or with a different name or ...

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