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My basic question - "How to call existing Java method from Perl" has been asked and answered before, but I am confused by the various different responses. Instead of describing the Java code implemented I have provided code snippets (with possible syntax errors) providing the key elements below.

Public Class ConnProperties{ private String driver; private String url; private String username; private String password; public ConnProperties(){ setDriver(null); setUrl(null); setUsername(null); setPassword(null); } ... attribute getter and setter methods } Public Class ConnPropertiesInterface(){ public ConnPropertiesInterface(){ super(); } public ConnProperties getProperties(String appID){ ConnProperties connProps = new ConnProperties(); ... Get Connection Properties from configuration file based on ... appID, update ConnProperties object with returned ... values such as connProps.setDriver(result.getString("driver")); connProps.setUrl(result.getString("url"); return connProps; } }

From existing Perl applications I need to be able to ultimately call the getProperties() method within class ConnPropertiesInterface and to decompose the returned ConnProperties object attributes to be used for connecting to an Oracle database. I have generated a jar file of the existing Java classes so that existing Java applications can successfully call this same method, now I just need to do the same from existing Perl applications. Being very new to Perl programming I am not sure the most correct/efficient way to accomplish this task. Thanks ahead of time for your help/assistance.