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There is no "set" time. for anyone. We are all creatures of habit, and basically lazy.

As a result, if you can look at things you are good at in "life", you will find that you will fairly quickly become fluent (automatic) in those areas in programming.

For example; My strongest area is in efficiency. I have found that I seem to recognize patterns far faster than those I've met, or know.

As a result; while I do not qualify myself as an expert in Perl, by any means. I can rip apart a program created an "expert programmer" in seconds, and more; remove, or re-write portions of that program quite easily. Maybe that just makes me more a "Hacker", than a programmer.
But don't you have to be a Programmer, before you can be a Hacker?

Point being; If you can classify, or categorize the areas you are proficient at in life.
You will most probably find that you will become proficient in those same areas, where programming is concerned -- think "habit" && "basically lazy". It (those areas) comes "easily" to you. :-)


P.S. Great meditation BTW. Thanks for posting it!

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