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Well, in a nutshell, I am struggling with my own laziness, I guess. I was hoping to find a working example using a server-side Perl script that I could copy, deploy on my server, and tweak to point at my own test tables using a DBI/DBD::Oracle driver.

Since I'm new to jQuery, I was hoping to minimize the moving parts and get a simple version of my own working -- then I can add to it to accomplish what I need.

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Re^3: (jQuery plugin)
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 06, 2016 at 19:19 UTC
    I am struggling with the same issue. I've tried to get DataTables to work with Perl and Oracle. I get the query to run, but none of the DataTables features work. The sort, search don't work. I tried, but it ONLY works for MYSQL.