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Yep, got that part down pat. And the creation of the repos is actually done by Puppet itself using a combination of the Exec type and a custom provider I cobbled together.

I'm having trouble creating the RPMs from Jenkins using cpan2rpm. Running cpan2rpm from the command line as the Jenkins user works great but doing the same from a Jenkins job is crashing and burning without issuing good intel on why.

I'm in the hopes somemonk has done this and figured out why this won't work inside a Jenkins job.

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Re^3: cpan2rpm and Jenkins (not so perfect together?)
by SBECK (Chaplain) on Mar 23, 2016 at 13:06 UTC

    This isn't exactly an answer to your question, but I needed to use cpan2rpm a couple years ago and got pretty frustrated with it's limitations (doesn't work well with Module::Build modules was a big one). I ended up rewriting it (mine is called cpantorpm). It handles quite a few cases that cpan2rpm doesn't. It is NOT a drop-in replacement, but it may work where cpan2rpm doesn't (since I'm not a Jenkins user, I can't really say).

    Read about it here:CPANtoRPM