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My bad

I should not have put it up for consideration since it is well written and all, perhaps, but I've just read SOO MUCH about the WTC attack lately... much of which isn't really pertainent to the board on which it is posted.

I feel EXACTLY as you do on this subject, and I enjoyed the post and your points of view... I just would rather have seen it on a board like k5 than perlmonks though. It's nothing personal against you or your opinions... as I have said, I agree. I'm just really interested in being able to read about perl at perlmonks again, tech at /., and tech n culture at k5 (and everybody complains when a post isn't about the WTC at k5 these days, so it seems best there).

In other perl related news, I'm thinking of putting up a site JUST for this sort of discussion on free web space I have. Not because I'm ESPECIALLY interested in it, but because while I would like to see postings about it, I would REALLY like to be able to return to normalcy elsewhere.

Again, just a suggestion, please don't take it harshly.

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