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Re^2: it's scripts all the way down!

by QuillMeantTen (Friar)
on Mar 16, 2016 at 08:11 UTC ( #1157915=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: it's scripts all the way down!
in thread it's scripts all the way down!

Thank you for your reply,
I found it to be most enlightening and took the time to read through your links and on DSLs.
As I studied language theory and had to come up with a toy one I kinda related to different posts I found online warning people against DSLs.
I have three follow up questions on that topic.

  • Beside the easily found example that I felt only scratched the surface, how spread is the use of DSLs?
  • Furthermore, when taking into account the difficulty of designing and maintaining a language (I found grammar and syntax to be complicated to do well, but it might just be me) why not use pure lua to script your application?
  • What are some good ressources on the most maintainable design patterns used when you need to come up with an architecture for supporting user written addons? (I read Module::Pluggable documentation's but I could not think of a way to make it able to directly use lua scripts without having to wrap each of them in a perl module

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