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I'm a firm believer of testing every single change against the entire codebase. Here's what I'd recommend:

Now, get into the habit of writing new tests for new functionality (or functionality changes) before you write the new code. I do this so I can work out how the new functionality should behave at a basic level. Of course, all these tests will fail until you get the code written. You'll also end up changing/adding tests as you go, which is a good thing. At minimum, as soon as you write something new (or change something), immediately afterwards write tests (and documentation). Don't put it off, or it just won't get done.

I wrote a script a while back which I'm currently changing into a CPAN module that automagically sets up a full build/test platform using Perlbrew (and Berrybrew on Windows), using VCS hooks, where you can specify different perl versions, have the software select the versions randomly, or test on all perls. Each run builds the entire Perlbrew infrastructure from scratch, so each build is tested in a pristine environment. Later today, I'll at least share the script (I'll post it in Cool Uses for Perl and link to it in this thread). I don't expect the module to be done before next week (at minimum).