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RFC: Emulating the monastery voting system

by biohisham (Priest)
on Sep 10, 2015 at 12:27 UTC ( #1141530=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Out of admiration for the PM voting and ranking system described in votes; I am inspired to suggest an implementation along its lines on a website being developed with a team of my friends. So as a proof of concept I wrote this interactive code that accepts: a member's reputation, (u)pvotes & (d)ownvotes, average likes per week as well as age of the node; then decides whether the number of u's or d's would result in reputation gain or loss relative to the current reputation.

As it is the code tests fine but I feel it could still use comments and anecdotal wisdom from the monks here, hence I posted it in Meditations.

use strict; use warnings; use Readonly; use Getopt::Long; use Scalar::Util::Numeric qw(isint); #age and avg_xp are calculated at the start of everyday. #The avg_xp=sum(XP)/#nodes in the past 7 days. #The program takes these two values in addition to #likes and #unlikes + to dynamically compute reputation gains and losses. #Input for current reputation is prompted when it is time to update th +e reputation. my ($age, $avg_xp,$gained_rep, $lost_rep); my ($upvotes, $downvotes, $total_rep); my $current_rep; #variable to hold the current user reputation from th +e user page. my $vote; #a listener:either (u)pvote or (d)ownvote. Readonly::Scalar my $args =>4; #program accepts two args & two vals if(@ARGV != $args){die "syntax error: perl --age n -- +avg_xp n\n";} GetOptions( "age=i"=>\$age, "avg_xp=i"=>\$avg_xp, )or die "syntax error: perl --age n --avg_xp n\n" +; print "enter u for upvote or d for downvote\n"; while($vote=<>){ chomp $vote; if($vote =~/^u$/i){ $upvotes++; analyze_upvotes($age, $upvotes); }elsif($vote=~/^d$/i){ $downvotes++; analyze_downvotes($age,$downvotes); }else{ print "ERROR: enter u for upvote or d for downvote\n"; } } sub analyze_upvotes{ my $node_age=shift; my $like_counter=shift; printf "you have %d likes\n",$like_counter; if($like_counter==1){#reward the first upvote $gained_rep=1; rep_update($gained_rep,"gain", $like_counter); $gained_rep=0; } if($age>2 && $like_counter>1){ #nodes older than two weeks get 1/5 + rep increase $gained_rep+=1/5; if(isint $gained_rep){ #reputation is reported when gained +reputation sums to a whole number rep_update($gained_rep,"gain", $like_counter); $gained_rep=0; } }elsif($age<=2 && $like_counter>1){ #rep for nodes < 2 weeks o +ld is calculated with avg_xp perspective if($like_counter<=$avg_xp){ $gained_rep+=1/3; } elsif($like_counter>$avg_xp && $like_counter<=2*$avg_x +p){ $gained_rep+=1/2; } elsif($like_counter>2*$avg_xp && $like_counter<=3*$avg +_xp){ $gained_rep+=2/3; } elsif($like_counter>3*$avg_xp && $like_counter<=4*$avg +_xp){ $gained_rep+=3/4; } elsif($like_counter>4*$avg_xp){$gained_rep+=1; $gained +_rep=int $gained_rep; } if(isint $gained_rep){ if($current_rep-$gained_rep==0){ #for when cur_rep +=1 and gained_rep=1; rep_update(1,"gain", $like_counter); }else{ rep_update($gained_rep, "gain", $like_coun +ter); } $gained_rep=0; } } } sub analyze_downvotes{ my $node_age=shift; my $unlike_counter=shift; printf "you have %d unlikes\n", $unlike_counter; if($age<=2){ if($unlike_counter<= 3*$avg_xp){ $lost_rep+=1/3; } elsif($unlike_counter > 3*$avg_xp && $unlike_counter <= 4* +$avg_xp){ $lost_rep+=1/4; } elsif($unlike_counter > 4*$avg_xp){ $lost_rep+=0; } if(isint $lost_rep){ rep_update($lost_rep, "loss", $unlike_counter); $lost_rep=0; } }elsif($age>2){ $lost_rep+=0;} } sub rep_update{ my $rep_gain_loss=shift; my $status=shift; my $like_unlike_counter=shift; print "what is the current user reputation?\n"; $current_rep=<>; chomp $current_rep; if($status eq "gain"){ my $total_gain=$current_rep + $rep_gain_loss; printf "you gained %d points\nyour reputation is %d\n", $rep_g +ain_loss, $total_gain; }elsif($status eq "loss"){ my $total_loss=$current_rep-$rep_gain_loss; printf "you lost %d reputation points\nyour reputation is +%d\n", $rep_gain_loss,$total_loss; } }

I am also thinking about changing the way loss of reputation is done by basing it on a variable (say avg_unlike_xp) similar to the avg_xp that I currently use for calculating gain/loss or reputation. If I did this I won't be that benevolent of a dictator any more though as I could risk over-penalizing members.

Something or the other, a monk since 2009

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Re: RFC: Emulating the monastery voting system
by ww (Archbishop) on Sep 11, 2015 at 21:34 UTC

    Looks like you're having fun.

    But how do you plan to implement a designated 'butt of the downvotes' and will you be creating anonymous users to cast actual votes against that downvote-butt?>


    If you didn't program your executable by toggling in binary, it wasn't really programming!

    check Ln42!

      Oh yeah, I am having heaps of fun and a sense of purpose. Similar to what I feel when I first joined the Monastery as a Perl rookie. The website is about researchers and mentoring of junior students through a QA like forum, imparting them with soft skills, communication skills and networking: effectively making use of the collective wisdom of all members. Anonymous users should not be given a lot of freedom on what they can do around particularly with regard to voting. Voting will be a privilege given to registered members only. That way I can avoid encouraging malicious downvoting.

      Regarding the 'butt of the downvotes'; I don't think I fully understand you there. If you mean by that my idea of calculating reputation loss based on the average downvotes for the past week, my assumption is that the website users won't be giving a lot of downvotes therefore the average will be quite low and in that case it will be quickly surpassed by the downvotes that one node may receive, resulting in over-penalizing the OP. So I'd probably avoid that form of cruelty altogether.

      Something or the other, a monk since 2009
Re: RFC: Emulating the monastery voting system
by sundialsvc4 (Abbot) on Sep 11, 2015 at 21:05 UTC

    If you “admire” the system, go for it.   But consider that I have encountered many discussions berating other forums for including downvotes and the ability to “lose” reputation.   Ratings systems can produce anti-social behavior and may drive users away.   Consider, for example:   rating posts but not people; allowing only upvotes; tallying up and down votes separately; counting only positive votes against a user’s reputation (if you choose to track it at the user-level at all).   Consider carefully the social impact of the system that you implement, because it will have an impact, and many users do not tolerate negativity especially when directed personally at them.   The implementation itself is quite trivial, requiring only one (or two) integer counter(s) in both the user and the post/reply record.

    If you do implement this, also please provide the ability to search for posts based on, say, minimum number of upvotes.   (Another reason to count ups and downs distinct from one another.)   Where forums provide this capability, I use it a lot ... but I only want to see how many people liked the post or topic.

    Bonus points if you implement “rate this post” and/or “rate this thread” with one-or-more individual criteria ... and double bonus-points if we can search on that, too.   As a forum matures and begins to carry hundreds of thousands of entries in its database, “finding(!) the good ’uns” can use all the search-options it can get.   Let there be participant-rating of content, but then, let me do something useful-to-me with this data, like refining my search.   Go further than PerlMonks has done.

      You raise interesting points with regard to the social impact of voting, I haven't come across discussions, scientific or otherwise, of the negative aspects of downvoting when I was researching the feasibility of this idea so if you can give me the names of these forums that would be quite useful to my endeavor. Because, yeah, we want our website to continue from where others have reached and avoid some of the pitfalls you may say, that others have experienced.

      Search refinement is something we considered and would implement.

      Something or the other, a monk since 2009
        ...we considered and would implement.

        I would just recommend that all of these policies be implemented via easily editable configuration parameters. Input from my personal experience. :-)

        I reckon we are the only monastery ever to have a dungeon stuffed with 16,000 zombies.
      The implementation itself is quite trivial, requiring only one (or two) integer counter(s) in both the user and the post/reply record.
      … except if you want to exclude duplicate votes. Try this link (will work only for logged-in users, and you should replace the number with the ID of your user page)

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