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Sorry about that...

by spm (Acolyte)
on Sep 15, 2001 at 14:22 UTC ( [id://112614] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Re: Why perl is more OO than C++ or Java...
in thread Why perl is more OO than C++ or Java...

This is also a reply to the other comment I got

Okey. A lot of the things I said in the other comment weren't really thought through. Lets clear them up:

Perl is the quickest and most enjoyable programming language that I've ever found, a lot due to the nice OO features and the fact that you don't have to write a lot of code to get things to work. C is however my second choice - it is clear and simple, yet powerfull as hell. Assembler is a good friend of mine, because where Perl saves code, Assembler saves memory. Well worth the bargain. But if I keep on the topic of Java, which is a language I cannot say I have ever had any good come from, I can count up a few things that I don't like about it in perticular - software engineering paradigms that are also solved in Perl, but in (IMHO) a much better way..

"Compile once run anywhere (where a JVM is installed)" as opposed to just "run anywhere (where a Perl interpreter is installed)" - okey, this is a very debatable subject, but I think we can agree that Java almost allways runs to slow. Right? That's because of the Virtual Machine design, which is a pretty neat trick, but not the best thing for the users... and don't give me any bullshit here - we programmers are making programs that people use, shouldn't we be tailoring it to their needs rather than our own?

The Class thing I talked about in my previous comment, except I think I was too vague... In Java, everything (with a few exceptions) is either a class or an object, which would be okey, except, you allways have to go through the (IMHO) tedious task of coding it as such. I worked as a developer for a Java firm for about a year, and was pretty happy to leave - all the frikkin' class definitions all over the place were driving me insane - not to mention the; syndrome all over the place througout the code. Sure, I can understand that some people like geneology a lot, but I for one don't.

I have never coded anything in Ada, but as for C++, well, I like it a shitload better than Java, but a few things about it annoy the hell out of me. Most of them are pretty trivial, and I'll get over them. C++ is, IMHO, a pretty great language, one of the best, but in my mind it will allways be the hack that tried to fix the shortcomings of C by extending the syntax into a messy soup. Well, whatever floats you boat :)

Now, I'm sorry if I started a flame fest, and wish to end it. EOFF (End Of Flame Fest)