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No offense intented, but could we stop to talk about this topic in a technical group. When this stupid terrorist attack on New York happened all of us were shocked, and we naturally wanted to talk about our feelings. IMHO, thats okay as an exception.

But we are a technical community here. Many of us have different believe systems, different worldviews, different religions, etc. pp.
I have my own opinions on Gun Law, driving without speed limit, capital and corporal punishment, religious fundamentalism by christians or muslim or hindi, hamburgers and mad cow disease, and much more. On all these topics we could have strong fights because I have my believes!!! But this is not the place to fight. While mourning and expressing your sad feelings seem to be okay, we should not start to fight on these topics.
16 years ago when I got my amateur radio license (ham) the regulation office told us Never speak about politics!, -- wise guys!
For talking about revenge, politics, airplane safety, war etc. there are other groups and communties.

Going into politics can destroy a peaceful and nice community like the perl monks. So I beg you Please stop it!

Please get me right there is no flame intended, and other threads are more approbriate to post this, but this is the newest thread in a row of WTC threads.

I want to appologize to fellow perl monk princepawn for using his well intended thread to complain.