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Some people might say, and some other people might expect, that “I among all Monks” would have reason to agree with you ... but, I don’t.   Sure, I do wish that people around here had a bit more social graces sometimes, but all that’s beside the point.   PM is definitely a programmer’s community quite unlike any of the others that I periodically frequent ... but, it is also the best.   In terms of getting what you came here for ... high-quality answers, fast, and here’s a bunch of source-code too ... PM stands above.   Perl typically does not attract the interests of kids fresh out of school.   It does attract people who need to haul “revenue freight,” and who’ve probably been doing that for their employers for decades.

And as far as what you say about “corporate entity,” the Perl language is probably earning a billion dollars around the world every day.   It’s rugged, robust, fast, versatile, and ... quirky.   Its CPAN contributed library is exemplary.   And corporations, among others, clearly don’t need to be told this.