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OK, its possible I'm suffering from sampling bias that was reinforced by my interpretation of Larry's comments. If its sampling bias then I suspect its due to my attempt to learn some Moose and being exposed to some unlucky interactions with those who go well beyond the relatively benign Tim Toady Bicarbonate attitude into what I can only call haughty idiocy. I don't have an immediate link to the video in which Larry made his comments but it was within the last few years I'm pretty sure. I'll try to dig it out and look at those comments again. My use of Perl goes back to 1993 in a steady stream of projects, but I haven't been that active in the community. The haughty idiocy I ran into with the Moose cult might be explicable if I didn't have the first clue about OO but my background with OO goes back to direct dealings with Xerox PARC in the early 1980s, and I have a conference proceedings signed by Curry, Church and Backus, the latter of whom I did have some professional relations regarding FFP form his Turing Award Lecture -- for a data point on how seriously I've been involved with computer languages. Perhaps I'm behind the times and that's why I'd like to learn Moose.

Update: Larry's talk that got me thinking he saw a need to (gently) admonish the Perl community was "Stranger Than Fact". Reviewing it I can see it being interpreted as a general admonition -- not necessarily reacting to any trends in the Perl community.