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Re^2: Promoting Text::CSV to base Perl?

by mldvx4 (Friar)
on Aug 16, 2023 at 09:04 UTC ( [id://11153942] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Promoting Text::CSV to base Perl?
in thread Promoting Text::CSV to base Perl?

"The people to lobby for that would be the Perl5-Porters. "


"One problem that Perl faces is that the continous maintenance of things in the Perl core puts a burden on the Perl developers, hence they are not keen on taking on things that can be installed from CPAN or your distribution package manager instead."

Fully understandable. I can appreciate that balance.

"Installing modules for the current user has also become much easier, and there is at least talk of actually getting (something like) local::lib into the Perl core. This would make locally installing modules much easier."

Perhaps that would be the way forward. If it is made easier to install local modules, then it would remove the question of adding to the core and thus be better than just debating one module at a time adding to the maintenance each time.

"If you are a developer, or a person writing Perl code, you should also be able to download the two .pm files from CPAN, as Text::CSV does not need any external dependencies beyond what comes with Perl."

Yes, I write Perl scripts at irregular, unpredictable intervals and have used that trick before albeit with some other modules. Sometimes those intervals are far enough apart that I've done a completely new installation, sometimes even a different distro, and then have to bring in the unique constellation of modules unique to my activities. Since I administer my own machines in recent decades, or have helpful sysadmins, it is usually possible to use the convenient package from the repository or the CPAN module as a fall-back. I'm thinking of the situation that newer people will find themselves in, so maybe local::lib might be considered. Is there anything to test that would help either direction?

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