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Re^2: Issues regarding for loops and recursion

by hippo (Bishop)
on Jan 09, 2023 at 13:32 UTC ( [id://11149458]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Issues regarding for loops and recursion
in thread Issues regarding for loops and recursion

When assigning the %amino_acid_conversion, you could use newlines to make the code a bit more readable

Completely agree. I'd go even further and put whitespace around the fat commas and with so many entries I would sort by either key or value to make it easier to spot misses/dupes/typos.

%amino_acid_conversion = ( ALA => 'A', ARG => 'R', ASN => 'N', ASP => 'D', CYS => 'C', GLN => 'Q', GLU => 'E', GLY => 'G', HIS => 'H', ILE => 'I', LEU => 'L', LYS => 'K', MET => 'M', PHE => 'F', PRO => 'P', SER => 'S', THR => 'T', TRP => 'W', TYR => 'Y', VAL => 'V' );


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