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Wild guess: Did you somehow get a version of strawberry that doesn't have multi-thread enabled?

c:> perl -V:archname -V:myuname -V:osvers archname='MSWin32-x64-multi-thread'; myuname='Win32 strawberry-perl #1 Sun Jan 24 15:00:15 2021 x6 +4'; osvers='10.0.19042.746';

or just the full perl -V to give the full information about your specific strawberry, in case perl -v and the three specific config variables above aren't sufficient to tell the other monks about your setup. (generally, if you ever think that there might be version or OS issues involved, sharing your full perl -V is best practice).

and in your other post, you said, I don't exactly know what system "win32" is. Mine is a Win10/64bit.. that must make a difference.:

Yes, win10/64bit could make a difference compared to 32bit or compared to win8/win7/.... But many of those passing results were win10/64bit: you can see that by clicking on the Win32 column header from the cpantesters report, which gives you a table of just those results, with more information. And each individual report will give perl -V or similar information, along with as much other meta-info as they can muster, which might help you determine the difference between your setup and theirs.