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Re^2: cpan warning for XML::DoubleEncodedEntities

by Aldebaran (Curate)
on Jan 03, 2023 at 04:58 UTC ( [id://11149325] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: cpan warning for XML::DoubleEncodedEntities
in thread cpan warning for XML::DoubleEncodedEntities

It seems to me that I have gotten the checksum error from a local file corruption. My response was to go to CPAN's working directory (probably ~/.cpan) and delete file Metadata and directories build/ and sources/. After I did so the problem went away.

The fix comes from choroba:

rm /home/ken/.cpan/sources/authors/id/?/??/*/CHECKSUMS


As for Astro::SIMBAD::Client, I am not sure of the situation about SOAP, and I am the author of that module. I know they announced the deprecation of SOAP support, but the deadline passed and it was still there. I communicated with them and they confirmed it was going away, but to the best of my knowledge it still works. Trusting my memory (a foolish thing to do) I marked all the SOAP tests TODO, added that warning, and migrated all my code that uses that interface away from SOAP.

SOAP seems not to be an issue. Still don't know what it is. (No SOAP, radio?)

As for XML::DoubleEncodedEntities, it may no longer be needed, though I am reluctant to drop the dependency completely for reasons that are not all technical.

I don't think you should.

Dave Cantrell is a star CPAN tester (to me anyway; of course they all are but he's one of the brighter ones). At one point he noticed test failures in Astro::SIMBAD::Client due to the fact that U. Strasbourg was, in fact, double-encoding their XML entities. His response was to publish XML::DoubleEncodedEntities and write me about it.

Aha..yeah I know his name by reputation of the right variety. I'm very interested in XML::DoubleEncodedEntities, and I'd like to work up a handful of things that might pass or fail. I think a lot of what we do in encodings likens itself to cooking. You undercook the encoding by not decoding it correctly, with a pool of mojibake to show for the effort. OTOH, you might overcook it, which is what I think Dave was getting at. I think bliako has raised this issue in similar contexts.

I can look into making XML::DoubleEncodedEntities optional, though author testing both with and without optional modules is a bit of a pain. Even if I do that it will remain strongly recommended.

I don't see a reason for that, indeed I'd like to look under the hood here a bit. Does this occur in the context of XML::Parser doing its thing?


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Re^3: cpan warning for XML::DoubleEncodedEntities
by Anonymous Monk on Jan 03, 2023 at 06:33 UTC