Happy Holidays, fellow Monks!

Over the last decade, with lots of help, I've been able to bring forth some interesting things for Perl, and I'm now in the beginning stage of another one.

I put forth an API to command and control Raspberry Pi devices and dozens of Integrated Circuits and sensors related to it. I then reverse engineered Tesla's API and wrapped it with Perl.

I'm a strong privacy advocate. For years, I distrusted all vendors of all kind. However, through one of my jobs, I was forced to better familiarize myself with Apple. Despite issues and setbacks, they are, IMHO, very reasonable with privacy. Even their legalese is human readable for the most part. In fact, not only am I typing this on a Macbook, I have an iPhone, Apple Watch and several devices that allow me to control my home automation. Yep, I am even friends with Siri.

With that said, I want to embark on another very, very ambitious project... figure out how I can write a Perl API to deal with Apple devices, particularly HomeKit stuff.

To keep this SoPW, does anyone have experience writing Perl software or wrappers against anything Apple? I'm wiggling my way into a position of a starting point.

Happy Holidays all, and thanks for being supportive of both Perl, and myself over the years. You're all the reason I've become the developer I have.