in reply to Anyone looking at Mastodon::Client?

Well, my bot does it something like this:

print "Connecting to Mastodon...\n"; my $client = Mastodon::Client->new( instance => $config->{server}, name => 'TotallyLegitBot', client_id => $config->{key}, client_secret => $config->{secret}, access_token => $config->{token}, coerce_entities => 1, ); print "Posting message...\n"; $client->post_status('Dear Sir! I am prince Bob of Nigeria and i have +an offer for you...');

Hope that helps.

EDIT: For authentication, i went to my Mastodon account to Preferences/Development, clicked on "New Application", filled in application name and clicked submit. Then click the link with that application again and you get key+secret+token that you give your application. There are probably other ways to authorize it, but that's the one i found works without problems and with the least fuzzing about.

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