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Re^2: My preferred way to holiday/vacation is:

by silent11 (Vicar)
on Oct 21, 2022 at 17:58 UTC ( #11147581=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: My preferred way to holiday/vacation is:
in thread My preferred way to holiday/vacation is:

While not a vacation, I have come close multiple times to booking a cruise and working for the week while out at sea. I'm within an hour from a cruise port, and work remotely anyway, however I've never pulled the trigger because I wasn't quite sure how to sell the family the idea without it sounding like a personal vacation, from them.

Wifi stability and speeds have been exceptional on my past cruises. We should really consider doing a YAPC, I mean, YAPSea one year afloat a cruise. (perhaps during the off-season to make it more affordable) Hotels wouldn't be needed, food is provided... I think it could work. Who wants to join me on the YapSea Committee?🤣

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