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> That reminds me of an issue "A command to run perltidy with the input from an emacs buffer" for which a first implementation never made it to Emacs....

I'm not sure I understand, isn't that just a shell-command-on-region command after a mark-whole-buffer ?

> For older versions of cperl-mode.el, here's the list of settings:

Thanks, especially (cperl-indent-parens-as-block     .  t) fixed a longstanding issue I had.

It would be nice tho to have a split screen scenario for experimentation.

Like with code on one side and "live" config on the other side, where every change is temporarily activated and demonstrated in the other screen. When happy you just save the config buffer to a file.

Hmm ... probably could be done with a macro already ...

I'm getting this result now when formatting, but neither my emacs nor my cperl-mode is the newest, and probably other configs are jinxed too...

for my $x (@x) { my %h = ( 'truncate' => { 'desc' => 'shorten a file', 'usage' => [ 'truncate FILEHANDLE,LENGTH', 'truncate EXPR,LENGTH', ] }, ); };

Cheers Rolf
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) I'm pretty sure such code was included in PBP.