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RE: RE: Keep the vote XPs. Don't increase vote #.

by nuance (Hermit)
on May 11, 2000 at 14:34 UTC ( #11146=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to RE: Keep the vote XPs. Don't increase vote #.
in thread Scalability of the voting system

To be able to do a "trusty vote" does it really matter how much XPs you have? Bottom line, I say keep the voting XPs but don't increase the number of votes as you "grow".

Or, increase it, but not by as much as it is now. After all, the idea of giving you more votes as you grow is the assumption that as you have more experience, you are more qualified to "grade" other people's comments, which makes sense.

I just made monk, and 16 votes per day is plenty to spend. Maybe the increase could be by 2-3 votes per rank, instead of by 3-5 as it is now

Ok, let's say we reduce the number of XP that you get for voting, or for using all of your available votes. This leaves a significant number of people in the higher levels who would not be there if the new system had been in place when they started using the site.

If people are really that concerned about this, are they prepared to be regraded using the new system?

It would be possible to go back through each monks previous posts, count up the grading, add the total number of posts and divide by three. That would provide a better reflection of the level that person would have attained, if they had been working under this proposed new system. We also gain experience for logging in regularly, so I don't really know that even this regrading would be fair.

My point is, are you sitting there having attained the level you are at, trying to make it harder for others to get there?

I don't expect this post to be popular, I just think this needs said.

BTW, is there any kind of record of where people's experience has come from? If people are regraded on the new system (if there is a change), then it might be an idea to keep a record of exactly where the XP have come from, how they were generated etc. keeping those kinds of detailed records, would make any future regrading that became necessary much easier.

Thanks for reading

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