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> in your example SHORT EXPLANATION IN ONE-LINE, in the minibuffer (as Eldoc usually does).

This could probably be of interest for you, it redirects the help message from the minibuffer to a tooltip at point.

Probably not the best lisp style, I hacked it about ten years ago, but it never failed me.

It's basically monkey-patching cperl-describe-perl-symbol with an around-function to show the tooltip at the point of the cursor.

I think pos-tip.el needs to be installed first.

(require 'pos-tip) (require 'cl) (add-hook 'cperl-mode-hook (lambda () ;; (cperl-toggle-autohelp) (setq cperl-lazy-help-time 2) (defadvice cperl-describe-perl-symbol (around cperl-describe-p +erl-symbol-tooltip activate) "redirect message to tooltip" (flet ((message (fmt &rest args) (pos-tip-show (apply 'format fmt args)))) ad-do-it)) ))

Cheers Rolf
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