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Re: Can't locate Convert/

by hippo (Bishop)
on Jul 25, 2022 at 14:44 UTC ( #11145709=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Can't locate Convert/

Also - how can I go about installing the CONVERT::BER ?

As others have advised, the module is Convert::BER. Have you read A guide to installing modules for Win32?


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Re^2: Can't locate Convert/
by pryrt (Abbot) on Jul 25, 2022 at 15:15 UTC
    hippo said,
    Have you read A guide to installing modules for Win32?

    That guide is completely focused on ppm, which was mostly an ActiveState thing. Back in 2005, that was solid advice, since there was no Strawberry Perl yet, and ActiveState was still using ppm. But I thought that AS had moved away from that, and while Strawberry ships a ppm client, syphilis suggested in Re: Windows installation woes that ppm repositories have all but disappeared, and I cannot remember having used Strawberry's ppm since I started using Strawberry (which was at least 8 years ago).

    mallett76 said,

    So, I went to C:\Perl_Newest\bin and double clicked on the CPAN batch file. It brought me to a command shell. Then it asked if I wanted to overwrite the lock on the C:\Perl_New

    That sounds like your CPAN.bat client in c:\Perl_newest\bin is still configured to install things in C:\Perl_new\, which is just a bad configuration on your part. I haven't really used the default CPAN client much, so I don't remember how to configure that specific setting, though IIRC o conf is the way to get started in changing CPAN configuration.

    But which version/distribution of Perl are you using on your Windows machine? Is it a Strawberry? If so, is it an "installed" version that you rebased to c:\perl_newest, or did you just unzip the portable into c:\perl_newest? With Strawberry, I've found the easiest way to install Perl modules is using cpanm, not the default CPAN.bat client. If you are on Strawberry, I would suggest cpanm Convert::BER to try to install that module.

    Or are you using an ActiveState distribution? Or did you compile your own? Which distro you are using , and whether you have cpanm or one of the other alternate CPAN clients available, determines the best advice to give to you. Sharing your perl -v will help us help you, as will the results of where perl & where cpan & where cpanm

      Back in 2005, that was solid advice, ...

      I'm sensing that this tutorial isn't as relevant as it once was. Would it be beneficial for someone familiar with MSWin32 to put together a more modern document to cover this important topic? Or has MS come far enough that the standard A Guide to Installing Modules is all the modern MSWin32 user needs?


Re^2: Can't locate Convert/
by mallett76 (Novice) on Jul 29, 2022 at 13:51 UTC
    No, I have not read "A guide to installing modules for Win32" However; I appreciate the link - and I plan on reading it.

      Given the discussion which this topic has generated you might also (or instead) like to read A guide to installing modules for Win32 (2022 Edition) - your insights as someone who may be new to all this might help to improve that document as well. HTH.

      (Edited to link to the newly-published tutorial instead of the RFC)


        Another angle I was thinking about, to solving this problem, was installing perl from scratch, on one of my "non-work" PCs as an experiment. However, it looks like there are two options to install Perl - Active State and Strawberry. I have windows at home - well, windows home & work. So, if my goal is to easily install modules - like the DBD JDBC, it seems like Active State is the way to go if you have windows. My home PC would have the a more recent version of Perl - with active state, would it be as simple as double clicking on the PPM batch, doing a search on the DBD JDBC module, clicking on install, and installing the module? I know with other modules in the past - that is all that I had to do. When I took this approach, on my work computer(which is using an older version of Perl) - I didn't see the DBD::OJBC module.

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