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Re: Algorithm to reduce the weight of a collection of bags

by kcott (Archbishop)
on Jul 05, 2022 at 05:27 UTC ( #11145287=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Algorithm to reduce the weight of a collection of bags

G'day ibm1620,

"But I can't get over the feeling that there is a much simpler solution that's eluded me."

I knocked this off in my lunch break: I expect there are many opportunities for improvement; however, it's certainly simpler than the code you posted.

#!/usr/bin/env perl use v5.36; use autodie; use constant { DATE => 0, AMOUNT => 1, CATEGORY => 2, DESCRIPTION => 3, }; use Text::CSV; my $csv_file = 'pm_11145274_tabulate_csv.csv'; # Dummy figures from 1st pass which you say you know how to do my @max_widths = qw{10 6 15 55}; say 'Shrunk to fit 52-char-wide window'; tabulate($csv_file, \@max_widths, 52); say 'Shrunk to fit 46-char-wide window'; tabulate($csv_file, \@max_widths, 46); sub tabulate ($filename, $max_widths, $table_width) { state $des_weight = 0.7; my $table_available = $table_width - 4; # 4 pipe chars my $data_fmt = '%8d|'; # date: YYYYMMDD my $head_fmt = '%-8s|'; $table_available -= 8; $data_fmt .= '%6.2f|'; # amount: | 12.34| $head_fmt .= '%-6s|'; $table_available -= 6; my $max_cat_des = $max_widths->[CATEGORY] + $max_widths->[DESCRIPT +ION]; my $cat_width = int($table_available * ($max_widths->[CATEGORY] / +$max_cat_des)); my $des_width = int($table_available * ($max_widths->[DESCRIPTION] + / $max_cat_des)); $des_width = int($des_width * $des_weight); $cat_width += $table_available - ($cat_width + $des_width); $data_fmt .= "%-${cat_width}.${cat_width}s|%-${des_width}.${des_wi +dth}s|\n"; $head_fmt .= "%-${cat_width}s|%-${des_width}s|\n"; my $csv = Text::CSV::->new(); { open my $fh, '<', $filename; my $head_row = $csv->getline($fh); printf $head_fmt, @$head_row; while (my $data_row = $csv->getline($fh)) { printf $data_fmt, $data_row->[DATE] =~ y/-//dr, $data_row->@[AMOUNT, CATEGORY, DESCRIPTION]; } } return; }

I used this for input. You may need some code adjustments depending on what your real input looks like.

$ cat pm_11145274_tabulate_csv.csv Date,Amount,Category,Description 2022-06-23,123.45,Software & Tech,BACKBLAZE HTTPSWWW.BACKCA 2022-06-24,63.45,Internet,RECURRING PAYMENT AUTHORIZED ON 06/11 SPECTR +UM TX 2022-06-24,69.34,Phone,RECURRING PAYMENT AUTHORIZED ON 06/02 VZWRLSS*A +POCC VISE

I reduced the YYYY-MM-DD date to YYYYMMDD to free up a couple of extra characters and aligned the amounts. Fiddle with the arithmetic to get exactly what you want: adjusting $des_weight may be all that you need. Here's the output:

$ ./ Shrunk to fit 52-char-wide window Date |Amount|Category |Description | 20220623|123.45|Software & Tech |BACKBLAZE HTTPSWWW| 20220624| 63.45|Internet |RECURRING PAYMENT | 20220624| 69.34|Phone |RECURRING PAYMENT | Shrunk to fit 46-char-wide window Date |Amount|Category |Description | 20220623|123.45|Software & Te|BACKBLAZE HTTPS| 20220624| 63.45|Internet |RECURRING PAYME| 20220624| 69.34|Phone |RECURRING PAYME|

— Ken

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