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Hello silent11,

> d) something else..

Being my day by day on windows the only positive fact is that there is no trouble interacting with system Perl. I concord with Fletch: never run with the OS' perl install!

I use Strawberry perl portable editions, always. I have few of them in a dedicated directory:

ls | grep perl5 perl5.12-32bit perl5.20.64bit perl5.22.64bit perl5.24.64bit perl5.26.64bit perl5.28-64bit perl5.28.32bit perl5.32.64bit

ls | grep on windows? Yes I use UnxUtils with pleasure since years.

I have a not published yet program (maybe soon..) to choose the Perl incarnation to cast: it is somethign interactive so you can check various perl distros (not all above distros are loaded by my program) for some feature as, for example, Non-Capturing-Regular-Expression-Flag introduced in perl 5.22 should fail in 5.20

general>get perl_distros perl_distros=[ARRAY with 5 elements] perl5.20.64bit perl5.22.64bit perl5.24.64bit perl5.26.64bit perl-5.26.64bit-PDL general>check_perl_distro -e "print 'hello' =~ /(hi|hello)/n" | 1 [OK] C:\EX_D\ulisseDUE\perl5.26.64bit\perl\bin\perl.exe | Unknown regexp modifier "/n" at -e line 1, at end of line | Execution of -e aborted due to compilation errors. [OK] C:\EX_D\ulisseDUE\perl5.20.64bit\perl\bin\perl.exe | 1 [OK] C:\EX_D\ulisseDUE\perl5.22.64bit\perl\bin\perl.exe | 1 [OK] C:\EX_D\ulisseDUE\perl5.24.64bit\perl\bin\perl.exe | 1 [OK] C:\EX_D\ulisseDUE\perl5.26.64bit\perl\bin\perl.exe | 1 [OK] C:\EX_D\ulisseDUE\perl-5.26.64bit-PDL\perl\bin\perl.exe


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Re^2: How do you run Perl on _your_ system?
by silent11 (Vicar) on Jun 15, 2022 at 15:37 UTC
    Thanks. I use Windows at work, and had a similar set up with multiple versions of standalone Strawberry. Both Windows and Perl on Windows have grown on me other the years. Anyway, I sort of rolled my own simple version of perlbrew using a bat script to modify a symlink (Junctions) pointing to the "active" version of Perl.

    like UnxUtils, gnuwin32 has made working on Windows much more enjoyable. I dabbled with the linux subsystem, but it's too inter-connected to windows binaries for me.

      Anyway, I sort of rolled my own simple version of perlbrew using a bat script to modify a symlink (Junctions) pointing to the "active" version of Perl.

      If that's the case, I'm sure you'll find great value in berrybrew. Its purpose is to allow you to manage multiple versions of Perl, and even has a handy little UI that runs in the system tray to allow you to switch between them, install new versions etc.

        Take praise from a clueless newbie for what it is worth! "berrybrew" is wonderful - only wish for Strawberry Perl 5.34 to be released.

      bat script to modify a symlink (Junctions)

      I've always wondered how those work. Are they easy to work with? Can you post your script?


        Unfortunately I just lost access to that machine. Sorry.