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Re^3: I need a user just for Perl script run from web browsers

by haj (Priest)
on May 01, 2022 at 22:02 UTC ( #11143505=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: I need a user just for Perl script run from web browsers
in thread I need a user just for Perl script run from web browsers

I guess your lack of experience makes it difficult for you to find reasonable steps to narrow down the error. So let me take some shots into the blue...

  • The group www-data seems to point to an Debian or Ubuntu system. Correct? This matters because different systems have different configuration defaults.
  • ...those scripts the need to write to specific paths... Does it happen only for some paths? What are the permissions for these paths? Even the owner can't write files without a write permission!
  • Can the Perl scripts write to /tmp? If yes: What are the ownership and permissions of the files created by the script?
  • Can you login as Sally1 and write to said specific paths or does that fail, too? (NERDVANA suggested a similar approach)
  • Have you inspected your web server's error log? Are there warnings or errors regarding your scripts or about your configuration?
  • Do you have AppArmor or SeLinux policies in place? (Admittedly that's pretty far-fetched, but those could cause such behaviour)

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Re^4: I need a user just for Perl script run from web browsers
by bartender1382 (Beadle) on May 03, 2022 at 01:45 UTC

    Problem solved!

    Someone's comment made me think differently, yes I made sure to check their ++ button, and others who also gave me ideas,

    I logged in command line as Sally1 and tried:

    ls -trl > text.txt

    And that's when went back to checking group permissions for www-data, of which Sally1 was already part of.

    Then I realized that when I went to change the group's permission I was leaving out the g+

    I realize for security reasons such a "thing" doesn't exist, but it would be great if you could copy one user's permissions to another in one fell swoop.

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