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Got error and not work on benchmarking function with some non alphanumerics such space like this
use Benchmark 'cmpthese' use strict; sub strMulti{return $_[0]x3} sub strConcat{return $_[0].$_[0].$_[0]}; sub cmpstr{ cmpthese(-2, { 'string multiplier', "print &strMulti($_[0])", 'string concat', "print &strConcat($_[0])" } ) } &cmpstr('foo bar') Can't locate object method "foo" via package "bar" (perhaps you forgot + to load "bar"?) at (eval 176)

and very likely many more failure on passing many other than alphanumeric characters
also got error but can't reproduce the exact issue, just sure kinda this
runloop unable to compile '&cmpstr( <html lang="en"> <body class="no-script">

... when it contains a HTML
Please help out solving the benchamark to be able compare such needs, thanks before